Katka (Czech Republic, 2010)

directed by Helena Třeštíková, documentary, 90 min, eng subtitles
written by Helena Třeštíková

Třeštíková's film is a unique documentary tracing 14 years in the life of a young junkie and her futile battle with drug addiction. Why did she start taking drugs? She claims she wanted to be different. The year is 1996 and 19-year-old Katka lives in the Sananim therapy community in the town of Němčice with hope for a normal life - she dreams of having a boyfriend and even a family, some day. But there's no happy ending. The director records Katka's gradual descent into a spiral of theft, prostitution and physical and psychological deterioration - a spiral that is broken only by brief flashes of hope and resolutions to stop taking drugs. Katka's desire is sincere but in the end drugs always win. Will Katka finally find the strength when she becomes pregnant and motherhood offers her life-sustaining motivation? A great documentary about drugs, love, prison and responsibility.

with the director

Czech Lion Awards 2011 (Best Documentary Film)
GoEast 2011 (Honourable Mention)
Czech Film Critics Awards (Best Documentary Film)
RIDM 2010 Canada (DocTape Award, Editing Award)