Visible World / Viditeľný svet (Slovakia, 2011)

directed by Peter Krištúfek, psychological drama, 90 min, eng subtitles
written by Peter Krištúfek
with Ivan Trojan, Kristína Turjanová,Jana Hlaváčová, Dagmar Bajnoková

Oliver is a lonely forty-something working as an air traffic controller. He lives an anonymous life on a large housing estate from where he can see straight into the windows of others. His attention is focused on a young family living opposite. The parents with their two children embody the happiness which he never experienced. From his initial admiration, Oliver's feelings turn to envy and a desire to appropriate their contented life for himself.
"Visible World takes as its theme the business of watching and observing, the modern phenomenon of voyeurism. In addition, it asks some important questions: Where and how fragile are the boundaries of privacy? Do we have the right to enter into other people's lives? Is evil demonic and supernatural, or rather endemic and discrete?" (Director's statement)
The film premiered at Karlovy Vary IFF in July 2011.