Heaven&Hell / Nebe peklo (Erotic Night) (Czech Republic, 2009)

directed by David Čálek, documentary, 82 min, eng subtitles
written by David Čálek

The documentary Heaven&Hell, co-produced by HBO Czech Republic as part of the HBO documentary series "Without Censorship," offers a closer look into the BDSM community (Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism) of people who take pleasure in unusual sexual practices. The documentary portrays several men and women who engage in extremely painful or highly unconventional forms of pleasure.

During a hellish ritual, Fronema lets herself to be hung on hooks puncturing her back. Altair, a software engineer, takes pleasure in dressing in horse masks and harnesses, and likes to take part in a bizarre private "horserace." Terezie is a staffer of the Green Party, but in her private life, she sometimes enjoys unusual erotic practices with a slave. The film documents her transformation during pregnancy and the birth of her child. An important secondary character is Aradia, who appeared in the TV show "Tabu" talking about her life as a domina, but ended up losing her job as a school teacher when she revealed her identity.

The director presents the main characters of his film without any scandalous undertones or false moralizing. All are filmed in casual environments, comfortably discussing details of their unusual interests. They explain how their practices emerged, evolved, and how they impact the protagonists‘ coexistence with mainstream society.

Finále Plzeň 2011 (Student Jury Award for Best Documentary Film)