The Happiest Girl In The World / Cea mai fericitã fatã din lume (Romania/Netherlands, 2009)

directed by Radu Jude, comedy, 100 min, eng subtitles
written by Augustina Stanciu
with Andreea Boșneag, Vasile Muraru, Violeta Haret-Popa, Șerban Pavlu, Andi Vasluianu

"My name is Delia Cristina Fratila and I am the luckiest, happiest girl in the world." We hear that line a lot in The Happiest Girl in the World, but every time Delia (Andreea Busneag) recites it, we can see the sadness that her beaming smile struggles to hide. Delia certainly should be happy, having won a prize by sending off orange juice labels, and being invited to Bucharest to appear in a TV commercial for the juice, where she will receive her brand new car. But her parents have already earmarked her car for sale, with the cash being far more useful to them than a vehicle to their daughter, and as the long, sweltering day wears on, the task of reshooting the commercial over and over again takes its toll on the unhappy teenager's emotions.

Berlin International Film Festival 2009 (C.I.C.A.E. Award)
Palic Film Festival 2009 (Best Film)
Sofia International Film Festival 2009 (FIPRESCI Prize)