Best of Shorts (Best Of Night)

eng subtitles

About the Shoes / O topánki by Rozálie Kohoutová (CZ 2007, 14 min, short documentary, eng subtitles)

The authoress of the film is going to Romani village in Eastern Slovakia to shoot a school film about kindergarten for Romani childern. One girl, Laura, can't go to kindergarten, because she has no shoes. The film talks about our different attitudes to help and to education. About us, who want to help and about the Roma in the village, who want the help... or they don't?

Tertium non datur
by Lucian Pintilie (RO/FR 2006, 39 min, short feature, eng subtitles) web trailer director

with Alexandru Antoniu,Marcello Cobzarju, Toma Cuzin, Victor Rebengiuc
written by Lucian Pintilie, Vasile Voiculescu

Pintilie describes his short film Tertium non datur as "a tragicomic parable about the integration of the poorest of the poor, tormented by complexes, into the fiction we provisionally call Europe." Near the end of the war, two high-ranking German officers visit a Romanian military unit in their schoolhouse headquarters. Warmed by champagne, the German major shows his hosts his prize possession, the most expensive stamp in the world, the Aurochs Head. As it passes around the table, the legendary stamp disappears.

by Libor Pixa (CZ 2010, 10 min, short animated)  web trailer

The film Graffitiger is a witty and a slightly melancholic story of a lonely graffiti-tiger, whose home-place are walls and facades of Prague buildings. The city, full of dirty corners and streets covered with graffities, is a wild jungle, where the tiger looks for his lost love. The thrilling and on the other hand cheerful story is made by using the actractive combination of 2D drawn animation and live action with actors. Nominated for student Academy Award.

Hanoi-Warsaw / Hanoi Warszawa
by Katarzyna Klimkiewicz (PL 2009, 27min)  web trailer

Smuggled across borders, cheated by immoral intermediaries, trailed by police, at the mercy of foreigners - such is the fate of illegal immigrants from Vietnam who try to settle in Poland. Among them a young girl challenging all the dangers to join her fiancé, but their meeting in a foreign country will not transpire as she had imagined. European Film Award 2010 for ‘Best short'.

Made In China by Boris Despodov and Dobromir Dimitrov (BG 2010, 5 min, short animated)

A small step for history, one giant leap for cheap mass production. This short film which was drawn frame by frame over documentary films is an animated motion remix of the historical landmarks of the 20th century.

Declaration of Immortality / Deklaracja nieœmiertelnoœci
(PL 2010, 29 min, short documentary, eng subtitles)  web trailer

A stunning portrait of one of the legends of Polish rock climbing Piotr "Mad" Korczak. The director focuses on the decline of the career of the great master, provoking his reflection on his future, when he will no longer be able to climb. It's a moving story about the inability to come to terms with old age and a desire for immortality. Best short documentary award at Karlove Vary IFF 2011.