Short Feature Films Marathon

230 min, eng subtitles

Hanoi-Warsaw / Hanoi Warszawa by Katarzyna Klimkiewicz (PL, 2009, 27min)  web trailer

Smuggled across borders, cheated by immoral intermediaries, trailed by police, at the mercy of foreigners - such is the fate of illegal immigrants from Vietnam who try to settle in Poland. Among them a young girl challenging all the dangers to join her fiancé, but their meeting in a foreign country will not transpire as she had imagined. European Film Award 2010 for ‘Best short'.

Beast/Csicska by Attila Till (HU 2011, 20 min) web web2 trailer

István Balogh Hungarian farmer has total control over his wife, family and slave. The characters meet their tragic fate through their extreme relationships. This film has been inspired by memories of people who have survived such situations.

by Juraj Krasnohorskŭ (SK 2009, 15 min) web trailer

Mr and Ms X enter their apartment. The bad news is that after a short while Mr and Ms X+1 enter their apartment, too. They all are equally convinced that a) they are at home b) they were the first to be there. After a short while Mr and Ms X+2 enter their apartment, etc...

Anything For You / Всичко за теб
by Toma Waszarow (BG 2008, 19 min)  web director

Ana thinks she knows exactly what she wants from men. And from life, as a matter of fact. However, on this night her views will face a tough challenge. She is going to meet someone who will turn her world upside down.

Bad words / Brzydkie s³owa
by Marcin Maziarzewski (PL, 2009, 25 min)

Piotr is a sound engineer suffering from a rare disease, the Tourette syndrome, which symptom is involuntary shouting, among other things, curses and insults. A touching approach of the struggle to overcome one's limitations in the search for relationships with other people. ‘Grand Prix' at the Short Waves film festival.

Father / Otec by Viktoria Dzurenková (CZ 2010, 26 min)  web

A father, Slovak living in Prague, desperately tries to restore a relationship with his son.

VoiceS by Peter Bebjak (SK 2010,19 min)   web

One body and many souls... Story of a woman confronted with the different identities. A dance film by choreographer Yuri Korec and director Peter Bebjak in cooperation with D.N.A. Production Bratislava.

by Ioana Uricaru (RO/IT 2010, 14 min)  interview director

Ingrid, a beautiful and cosmopolitan Romanian woman travelling home to Oslo by plane, realises that she has lost her wallet during a short layover in Milan. Left without money and ID, she cannot board her flight, and is terrified that her delay will jeopardise her upcoming vacation with her husband.

Noon / По обед by Toma Waszarow (BG 2010, 4 min)   web director

Old Ivan has his lunch everyday at noon. Today, a little ant appears on the table. Something is about to happen.

Life With Sophia / Живот със София
by Svetla Tsotsorkova (BG 2004, 20 min)

Ten years ago, Sofia's husband, Marin, left without saying where he was going. Sofia is still waiting for him and, although her neighbor Vachko cares for her, she starts to lose her mind...

Come to me / PrzyjdŸ do mnie by Ewa Banaszkiewicz (PL, 2009, 31 min)

Asia, a young Polish woman from Belarus arrives to Warsaw to live with her boyfriend Piotr. When she discovers that Piotr lives in an apartment of his new girlfriend, Asia has nowhere to go. Wandering through the streets, she meets a teenager Habib who offers to help her...

Stanka Goes Home Станка се прибира вкъщи by Maya Vitkova (BG 2010, 15 min)   web

When Stanka Atanasova, a sick elderly woman, enters her block of flats, she discovers that the lift is out of order. Now she will have to use the stairs to get to the ninth floor. What is a simple task for most of us, becomes a challenge for her.

Koniec/ The End by Aga Pokrywka (PL, 2009, 7 min)

„The End" is inspired by Kurt Vonnegut's book "Slaughterhouse-Five". Its main character thanks to his special skills watches a documentary about the Second World War backwards. Someone said that war creates a reality of reversed rules. The rule of "The End" was to reverse the war.