Short Documentary Films Marathon (2) + Marcin Koszalka's retrospective

240 min, eng subtitles

Out of the cycle - what is behind? / Z kola von: čo je za tým? by Jaro Vojtek (SK 2010, 28 min)

The main character is a young Romany man Jožo/Fero whose addiction has taken everything from him and pushed him and his family onto the edge of society. Marked by difficult fate, he is still an eternal child whose best friend is his dog Nemo. Despite his primary backwardness he feels mentally superior to other members of his family and is the only one who makes an effort to return to normal life.

About the Shoes / O topánki
by Rozálie Kohoutová (CZ 2007, 14 min)

The authoress of the film is going to Romani village in Eastern Slovakia to shoot a school film about kindergarten for Romani childern. One girl, Laura, can't go to kindergarten, because she has no shoes. The film talks about our different attitudes to help and to education. About us, who want to help and about the Roma in the village, who want the help... or they don't?

Paradise Hotel / Хотел „Рай"
by Sophia Tzavella (BG 2010, 54 min)  web review trailer director

The young Roma Demir dreams of getting married but his appartment block at the outskirts of a provincial town in Bulgaria is no place for romance. 25 years ago it had all it takes for panel socialist heaven: from parquet floors to intercom, hot water and street lamps. Someone called the place Paradise Hotel and the name stuck. But now? The parquet has disappeared. The water stopped. The lights went off. And if you cross the field behind Paradise Hotel, you will see Bozhidar, or "the God Given", who protects everyone from evil and excessive happiness. Bulgarian author and director Sophia Tzavella presents a documentary about panel integration, love, misery, a lot of dreams, a little lyrics and one Gypsy wedding. Paradise Hotel is an affectionate yet sober view of European lives on the margins of society.

Roma Boys by Rozálie Kohoutová (CZ 2009, 30 min)  web

The film explores the taboo subject of homosexuality within the Roma community through the personal story of a Roma activist who happens to be gay. Owing to its distinctive style, the film offers a glimpse into the protagonist's world as he faces triple discrimination: as a Roma, as a gay man, and as a gay man in the Roma community.


MARCIN KOSZALKA's retrospective

attended by the director

Such a Beautiful Son I Gave Birth To / Takiego pięknego syna urodziłam
(PL 1999, 25 min)

Marcin's's very strong but also quite controversial debute. He films his own parents (mostly his mother) while she blames him and tells him that he is a bum and should do an a honest job instead of walking around with a camera. Awarded in Nyon, Berlin and Cracow

Till It Hurts / Do Bólu (PL 2008, 25 min)  web

The story of a lonely 53-year-old psychiatrist living with his severely overprotective mother. When a woman enters the picture, serious conflict breaks out. After years of sexual abstinence he falls in love with Ewa.

All Day Together / Cały dzień razem
(PL 2006, 25 min)  web trailer

Marcin Koszalka and his assistant arrive at the house of a Japanese woman with the idea of shooting a short film about her, but she tries to direct their attention to anything but herself. Cultural and language barriers seem insuperable. This ends up being a humoristic film about the impossibility of making a film.

Declaration of Immortality / Deklaracja nieśmiertelności
(PL 2010, 29 min)  web trailer

A stunning portrait of one of the legends of Polish rock climbing Piotr "Mad" Korczak. The director focuses on the decline of the career of the great master, provoking his reflection on his future, when he will no longer be able to climb. It's a moving story about the inability to come to terms with old age and a desire for immortality. Best short documentary award at Karlove Vary IFF 2011.

Marcin Koszałka's films are screened thanks to the support of Telewizja Polska (TVP)