Short Animated Films Marathon

220 min, eng subtitles

Graffitiger by Libor Pixa (CZ 2010, 10 min)  web trailer

The film Graffitiger is a witty and a slightly melancholic story of a lonely graffiti-tiger, whose home-place are walls and facades of Prague buildings. The city, full of dirty corners and streets covered with graffities, is a wild jungle, where the tiger looks for his lost love. The thrilling and on the other hand cheerful story is made by using the actractive combination of 2D drawn animation and live action with actors. Nominated for student Academy Award.

The Lost Town of Switez / ŒwiteŸ
by Kamil Polak (PL/DK/FR 2010, 21 min)  trailer

A spectacularly animated story about a traveler whose journey is diverted when his carriage driver falls asleep. An epic tale across wild lands and towns that glimmer like jewels, about a man who becomes a hero. Main Award at the Palm Springs 2011 Festival.

Orsolya by Bella Szederkényi (HU 2009, 8 min)  web trailer

One day, Orsolya discovers a sudden change in her body that turns her world upside down. All of a sudden she does not fit in anymore. But there is always hope for a happy ending.

Anna Blume / Anna Blume
by Vessela Dantcheva (BG/DE 2009, 10 min)  web trailer
based on Kurt Schwitters's poem ‘An Anna Blume' (1919)

Anna Blume is a visual poem about the lust of a man chasing a woman. The story takes on a surreal journey dictated by the mind of the poet. Lust and ingestion, disguised in love, drive the two characters to an end where love turns to be a very lonesome and strange place.

by Veronika Obertová (SK 2009, 8 min)  web trailer

A story of Viliam, who lives his own animated life within the real world. Childish fun turns into a problem, the problem becomes a solution. No solution is perfect though. "Viliam didn't like anything about this life at all. One day....a pencil fell out of his father's pocket! And the little Viliam started to draw and draw and draw."

Rumuntic story
by Veronika Obertová (SK 2006, 7 min)  web

A subjective animated documentary about Romania 2006. An unusual combination of animation and photography.

Paths of hate / Œcieżki nienawiœci
by Damian Nenow (PL 2010, 9 min)  trailer

Spectacular and gripping dance of death in which are taken two pilots obsessed with the idea o killing each other. The combination of a dynamic 3D animation and sharp guitar riffs creates a intense play about the human tendency to hate... till the last drop of blood. Special mentions at La Coruna and Annecy festivals.

Swimming Pool
by Alexandra Hetmerová (CZ 2010, 7 min)   web

Night love story of two outsiders, who meet in closed swimming pool in the middle of a big city.

Three Sisters and Andrey
/ Три сестри и Андрей by Boris Despodov and Andrey Paounov (BG 2009, 14 min)

Time has passed, but nothing has changed in the home of Prozorovs. As usual, Andrey takes care of his sisters. With the help of a number of funny technical devices he maintains their physical and psychological health. Everything is about to change when a mosquito appears in the November sky.

by Tomasz Bagiński (PL 2009, 12 min)   web trailer

Francis is an inventor. His invention (a moving-pictures machine) is to change the world. But he forgot about one thing - that dreams always cost too much. Focused solely on his work he gets aware of the seriousness of the situation when it's already too late for any remedy. Grand Prix for ‘best short animated movie' at the Animago Festival in Stuttgart.

Dominoes / Domino
by Žofie Zajíčková (CZ 2010, 9 min)  web

Built on domino blocks, the world is split into two; what is missing in one you find in the other. Suddenly, a pear arrives in the city. Remaining absolutely idle, the pear does nothing but "sits" on a building. Trying to find out what is going on, a young man reaches a place where his world finishes and the other one - new, colourful, abundant in plants and, surprisingly, with different laws of gravitation - begins. A story about two individuals, a young man and a young woman, and their attempt to unite the split landscape and create a new, better world.

Made In China
by Boris Despodov and Dobromir Dimitrov (BG 2010, 5 min)

A small step for history, one giant leap for cheap mass production. This short film which was drawn frame by frame over documentary films is an animated motion remix of the historical landmarks of the 20th century.

I am Simon / Simon vagyok
by Tűnde Molnár (HU 2009, 12)  web trailer

Simon spends his whole time with his friends and they have way-out runs together until one of them gets injured...

Animated History of Poland / Animowana historia Polski
by Tomasz Bagiński (PL 2010, 8 min)  blog trailer

Animated History of Poland is the latest work from the acclaimed Polish director, Tomasz Bagiński initially made for the Polish Pavilion at Shanghai's Expo. From medieval times to the nazi occupation of Warsaw, the film retraces the Polish history in a simplified but not simplistic way.