Walking Too Fast / Pouta (Czech Republic/Slovakia/Poland, 2010)

directed by Radim Špaček, psychological thriller, 146 min, eng subtitles
written by Ondřej Štindl
with Ondřej Malý, Kristina Farkašová, Martin Finger

Czechoslovakia, 1982. Tomáš no longer sees the point in trying to fight against the totalitarian regime and he is getting more and more tired of the life he leads. But to start all over again would basically mean admitting defeat. Moreover, the political set-up in the country does not really make any meaningful new start possible - apart from emigration. Much as family and friends are important to him, he decides to solve his personal crises in a way that directly threatens these values - he starts an affair with Klára.

Antonín, a member of the State police, learns about this affair from Pavel, his informant and Tomáš´s friend. Antonín is immediately intrigued by this information and his interest is from the beginning far more than purely professional. Klára wakes up some kind of dark desire in him. He does not really know what he wants from her but he wants it badly. Maybe he just sees her as somebody who could save him from his internal demons and boredom; she may be his illusion of an escape. Antonín´s self-destructive unvoiced anger, Pavel´s cowardly approach to life and Tomáš´s passivity set off a game of manipulation, betrayal, twisted resistance and brutality in which there cannot be any winners really. But destruction can also bring hope...

Best Czech film of 2010.