Konyec / Konyec - Az utolsó csekk a pohárban (Hungary, 2007)

directed by Gábor Rohonyi, comical road movie, 105 min, eng subtitles
written by Balázs Lovas
with Emil Keres, Teri Földi, Judit Schell, Zoltán Schmied

The love affair of Emil Kis and Hédi Felleghy began about half a century ago in the attic of a country mansion. As our story begins, their monotonous life lacks adventure and is confined within the grey concrete walls of a housing estate. The quiet of their loneliness is suddenly disturbed by collectors at the door.
So Emil, now past 70, sets out, leaving his wife and his apartment threatened by collectors behind. He hits the road and robs, albeit gently and politely, the first post office on his way. His getaway car is the one from his former Party chauffeur days, a black Chaika he calls Windbird. The next robbery targets a petrol station and attracts the attention of two detective partners. Their work together is made impossible by the crisis of their private life; Ági and Andor used to be a couple, but now suffer from Andor's infidelity. The pensioners are always one step ahead of the detectives. The extraordinary chase is closely followed by the media too. The team they only call Blood Money Pensioners, now complete with the crypto-communist Juan who never returned to his native Cuba, are fated to run straight into the 50-million jackpot.
And the Chaika cannot be stopped...

Hungarian Film Week 2007 (Best Genre Film, People's Choice)
Arras L'Autre Cinema 2008 (Audience Award)