Audience Award

The audience is invited to cast their vote on a selection of about 20 recent films.voting_carnet_1.jpg

Paper votes: voting is done by means of a carnet (see picture) that you obtain at the entrance. The carnet has 5 faces (from dissatisfied to very satisfied) and you are simply asked to slightly tear the face corresponding to your impression from the film or mark it with a pen and place it in the voting box available at the exit.

Internet votes: each spectator can also vote online here below - but only once - selecting the film he/she liked the best. Internet voters will have the chance to win DVDs. The Internet voting ends on 21 October, 12.00.

The paper and internet votes will then be added up and the film that receives the largest number of points will be awarded the "Audience Award" which will be announced during the Awards Ceremony on 21 October.

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