Silent Sonata / Circus Fantasticus (Slovenia/Ireland/Finland/Sweden, 2010)

directed by Janez Burger, drama, 75 min, no spoken language
written by Janez Burger
with Leon Lučev, René Bahzinet, Pauliina Räsänen, , Luna Zimić Mijović, Zhang Xiaoxue

A man stays alone with his children in a half demolished house in the middle of a desolate field. His wife has just been killed by a grenade in a military battle. He is expecting a new attack. Instead, a caravan called Circus Fantasticus stops by the house. The passengers bring along the dying director of the circus. Is it possible for anything beautiful to happen in a landscape of war and death? Can life go on? Is it possible to realise that death does not exist?
A film about grief, dying and insecurity, but also about human generosity, compassion and love, with the bonus of stunning circus performances from internationally acclaimed artists.

"Silent Sonata is a film set in a war-zone which is not linked to any place or time. People don't speak in this film but that does not mean that it's a silent film. Words are meaningless in war. Silent Sonata is a film of feelings, atmosphere, sensibility, surreality." (Janez Burger)

Festival of Slovenian Film Portorož 2010 (Vesna for Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Sound, Best Music...)
Pula FF 2011 (Best Acting Achievement)
Alexandria IFF 2011 (Best Artistic Achievement Award)
Slovenian candidate for Oscars in 2012