Courage / Wymyk (Poland, 2011)

directed by Greg Zglinski, drama, 85 min, eng subtitles
written by Janusz Margański, Greg Zglinski
with Robert Więckiewicz, Łukasz Simlat, Gabriela Muskała, Marian Dziędziel

Two brothers compete for control of the family business when they witness a brutal incident: during a train journey, where hooligans assault a young woman. Jerzy tries to defend the woman but Alfred is reluctant and unable to react. From that particular moment their lives change completely. Cowardice, guilt, attempts for redemption: the main features of this psychological drama are treated with great finesse and nuance - nothing here is black or white.

"As Kieslowski did, the director offers to the sentenced a chance for redemption. But the one who does not believe in himself, can he save himself or will he remain 'the bad one' forever? Perhaps he's also a victim? I cannot remember, since the time of Kieslowski's" You shall not murder ", a more profound artistic response to this question in a Polish film."(Tadeusz Sobolewski, Gazeta Wyborcza)

Gdynia FF 2011 (Best Screenplay, Supportin Actress, Best Debut Film)
Warsaw FF 2011 (Best Actor)
Rome Independent Film Festival 2011 (Best Foreign Feature)