Le Jardinier qui voulait être roi / Fimfárum do třetice všeho dobrého (Czech Republic, 2011)

directed by Vlasta Pospíšilová and David Súkup, family 3D animation, 65 min, English version
written by Jan Werich

This spectacular animated film is based on the well-known book Fimfarum by Jan Werich, a key figure of the Czech literary world of the 20th century. This French version includes two stories:
The Hat and the Little Jay Feather (by Vlasta Pospíšilová) is a fairytale about old age and the nostalgic memories of long-lost youth. Not everybody manages to go back to their youth even for a brief spell like the King does. But it is also about modest Jack who is the only one who understands his father, the King, and wants to help him. He triumphs over his overbearing brothers and fullfills the King's greatest wish.
Reason and Luck (by David Súkup) is a story about a bet between Luck and Reason and what happened when Reason entered the head of a poor pig-herd and Luck deserted him.
Age group: 6+