Carnage (France/Poland/Germany/Spain, 2011)

directed by Roman Polanski, black comedy, 80 min, English version, fr subtitles
written by Roman Polanski, Yasmina Reza
with Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, John C. Reilly

Carnage is a razor sharp, biting comedy centered on parental differences. After a fight between their two boys in a playground, the parents meet to work out their issues. A polite discussion about child-rearing soon escalates into verbal warfare, with all four parents revealing their true colors. None of them will escape the carnage: "Couple turns against couple, husbands against wives, and tulips, handbags and bodily fluids begin to fly. The level of craft here is something to behold" (Justin Chang, Variety)

The film is the screen adaptation of the comedy (play) "God of Carnage" by Yasmina Reza.
Unpredictable and shocking, the film hilariously exposes the hypocrisy lurking behind the polite façade of the two middle-aged middle-class couples. Deeply hidden secrets will soon come to light and it seems that in modern relationships all shots are allowed.

Golden Globes 2012 (Best Comedy Actress)
Césars 2012 (Best Adaptation)