Six new countries - Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia and Slovenia - join the CinEast festival in 2012.
Their participation will be duly celebrated by special welcome evenings that will include the screening of the first film from the relevant country, in the presence of special guests, as well as an informal tasting of typical drinks and snacks. Since these evenings will naturally take place in the first days of the festival, get ready for a quick immersion course on the culture and gastronomy of the three Baltic States and the three ex-Yugoslavian republics. The schedule is as follows:



Welcome to Estonia

11 October at 20.30, Salle Krieps, festival opening
screening of Une Estonienne a Paris by Ilmar Raag
with a special guest



Welcome to Croatia

15 October at 20.30, Salle Krieps
screening of Kotlovina by Tomislav Radić
with a special guest


Welcome to Latvia

12 October at 20.30, Cinémathèque
screening of Kolka Cool by Juris Poškus
with the director, producer and main actress



Welcome to Slovenia

16 October at 19.00, Ciné Utopia
screening of Archeo by Jan Cvitkovič
with the director


Welcome to Lithuania

14 October at 19.00, Ciné Utopia
screening of Back To Your Arms by Kristijonas Vildžiūnas
with the director and producer


Welcome to Serbia

18 October at 20.30, Salle Krieps
screening of Tilva Rosh by Nikola Ležaić
with the director


In addition to these “Welcome to...” evenings, two big events will be organised at Melusina to honour the new countries:


"Baltic Night" (Saturday 13 October) featuring a screening of the Estonian "folk comedy" That's It!, concert of the Lithuanian band Golden Parazyth and club music served by Latvian DJs. more info


"Balkan Night" (Thursday 18 October) featuring short films programme (8-10pm), DJ party with Balkan music by DJ Gaetano Fabri (until 1am), typical drinks and snacks & more. more info

Golden Parazyth Balkan Night

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