LITERARY EVENING with the Czech writer Jaroslav Rudiš

Sunday 14 October from 8 pm at Cinémathèque

organised in cooperation with Institut Pierre Werner
Jaroslav Rudiš

Jaroslav Rudiš (born 1972 in Turnov) is a Czech novelist, screenwriter, journalist and musician. He studied to become a teacher (history and German) but decided to explore life in various other professions instead (punk music band manager, baker, shop assistant, etc.). His first novel, Nebe pod Berlínem (Heaven under Berlin), was published in 2002 and was a success both in the Czech Republic and in Germany. His subsequent novels have also met with success and critical acclaim. He has also written three theatre plays. His collaboration with draughtsman Jaromír 99 led to the publication of three closely connected graphic novels set amongst railway employees – this trilogy was adapted into the animated feature film, Alois Nebel, released in 2011. Jaroslav Rudiš is a passionate train lover. www.rudis.cz

Selected works:

2002 Nebe pod Berlínem (Heaven under Berlin)

2006 Alois Nebel (complete trilogy)

2006 Grandhotel (also filmed by David Ondříček)

2007 Potichu (Quietly)

2010 Konec punku v Helsinkách (End of Punk in Helsinki)

Books in German / in French


The evening programme is as follows:


20.00 Author’s reading of an extract from the short story Alois Nebel: New Year’s Eve in Bílý Potok related to the graphic novel/film by Mr. Rudiš (in German language, with English translation available)
20.30 Introduction to the film Alois Nebel by Mr. Rudiš
20.40 Screening of the film Alois Nebel (Czech version with en subs)
22.00 Q & A session on the film with Mr. Rudiš
22.20 Debate on the historical context of the film and Czech – German relations. The main topic of the debate is the historical situation in the Czech Sudetenland (border regions inhabited mainly by a German-speaking population, forced to move to Germany after WWII), as well as the perception of this period today in both countries and its influence on their mutual relations (debate in English).
23.00 Glass of wine and chill-time

Alois Nebel
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