Jaroslav Rudiš

Alois Nebel: Germans and Czechs in the Sudetenland

Cinémathèque, 14 October, after screening of the film Alois Nebel


Debate on the historical situation in the Czech Sudetenland immediately after the Second World War (repatriation of many "Sudetendeutsche") plus the current perception of that historical period in both countries and its impact on their mutual relations. With the scriptwriter Jaroslav Rudiš.


Event organised jointly with the Pierre Werner Institute

Sébastien Louis


Radical nationalism, violence and football in former Yugoslavia

Salle Krieps, 19 October, after screening of the film The Last Yugoslavian Football Team


Debate as part of the Cinéfoot event chaired by Sébastien Louis, an expert on the issues of radical football fans. A return to the breakup of former Yugoslavia through the eyes of the most radical football fans.
Jean-Arnault Dérens The Western Balkans and the European Union: an inevitable reconciliation?

Cinémathèque, 24 October, after screening of the film Honeymoons


As Croatia prepares to join the European Union in 2013, the other countries from the Western Balkans are also hoping for a rapid accession to the Union. To this end, they are undertaking the political and economic reforms which are required for their integration. Yet the war in Kosovo and its subsequent independence have left deep scars in the region which threaten to undermine this process. Will the prospect of European integration be a guarantee of peace and regional stability for the various players in this conflict? Will the European Union, itself going through a period of crisis, be able to address the political problems of the region?
Debate chaired by Jean-Arnault Dérens, expert on the Balkans, author of numerous books on the region and co-founder of the Courrier des Balkans in 1998.


Event organised jointly with the Jean Monnet Chair of the University of Luxembourg


Humanitarian projects: issues and challenges

Ciné Utopia, 25 October, after screening of the documentary Solar Eclipse


Debate on the problems of development projects in the Third World with TomᚠTožièka, one of the protagonists in the film and an expert in the field. Why are some humanitarian projects still a failure, even if they don't lack resources or motivated people?

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