Robert Sedláček
Robert Sedláček
director of Long Live the Family!
Utopia 12/10 21.30
Robert Sedláček (born 1973 in Zlín) is one of 
the Czech Republic's most distinctive filmmakers
and one of the loudest voices in Czech cinema
commenting on current society, sometimes with
the lightness of satire, but often, as in case of
the film Long Live the Family, presented at
CinEast 2012, with a poignantly straightforward
critique. He studied at the Department of Docu-
mentary Film at the Academy of Performing Arts
in Prague (FAMU) and made dozens of documen-
tary films before shooting his first feature debut
in 2006 (Rules of Lies). In his work, he makes
perfect use of his previous experience as televi-
sion reporter as well as of his ability of field work,
being one of the few Czech cinematographers
who focus on the current social situation and its
origins rather than exploit the issues of the past.
Iveta Pole
Iveta Pole
Actor in Kolka Cool
Cinémathèque 12/10 20.30
Iveta Pole is a Latvian theatre and film actress 
affiliated with the New Riga Theatre led by Alvis
Hermanis. In 2005, Iveta was awarded the prize
for the best new actress bestowed by the Latvian
Asociation of Theatre Employees. In addition to
her theatre work, she has been the lead actress
in two films directed by Juris Poškus - 'Monotonija'
(2007) and 'Kolka Cool' (2011). Iveta received
the Best Actress award from the jury of the annual
Latvian National Film Festival 'Lielais Kristaps' for
her work in each of these films.
Anca Damian
Anca Damian
director of Crulic
Cinémathèque 21/10 20.30
The Romanian director Anca Damian studied 
cinematography and began her career as a
Director of Photography on two feature films,
Forgotten by God (1991) and The Way of Dogs
(1992). She also worked as a director, screenwriter
and producer on several award winning documen-
taries. In 2008, Anca made her first feature film
as a director, screenwriter and co-producer.
Întâlniri încrucișate (Crossing Dates) (2008),
a Romanian-Finish co-production. Crulic - The Path
to Beyond is her second feature which mixes
documentary and animation technique, premiered
in Locarno.
Iveta Grófová
Iveta Grófová
director of Made in Ash
Utopia 17/10 21.00
Iveta Grófová (b. 1980, Trenčín, Czechoslovakia) 
graduated from the Faculty of Animated Film (2004)
and the Faculty of Documentary Film (2009) at the
Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. She shot
the short documentaries At Least (Aspoň že tak,
2003), The Politics of Quality (Politika kvality,
2005), Goodbye Party(Nazdar partička, 2005),
Guest Workers (Gastarbeiteri, 2007) and the
short animated film There Were 11 of Us (Bolo
nás 11, 2004). Made in Ash is her feature film
Jan Cvitkovič
Jan Cvitkovič
director of Archeo
Utopia 16/10 19.00
Jan Cvitkovič (1966, Slovenia), archeologist, director, 
screenwriter, actor, poet. His first feature, a low-
budget Bread and Milk, premiered at Mostra de
Cinema in Venice and won the Lion of the Future
Award. His second feature, Gravehopping, premiered
at San Sebastian FF and won the Altadis - Best New
Director Award and later some 22 more.
Nikola Ležaić
Nikola Ležaić
director of Tilva Rosh
CCRN 18/10 20.30
Nikola Ležaić was born in 1981 in Bor, Serbia, 
where he also finished high school. He studied
film directing at the Faculty of dramatic Arts in
Belgrade. He was one of the founding members
of a comic group named Smog as well as a co‐
founder of the first literary movement of the
XXI century named Metasynchrism. Tilva Rosh
is his feature debut.
Uljana Kim
Uljana Kim
producer of Back To Your Arms
Utopia 14/10 19.00
Lithuanian producer Uljana Kim, born in 1969 in 
Osh, Kyrgyzstan, graduated from the Institute of
Cinematography in Moscow (VGIK) in 1993 and is
a film critic by education. She has produced
numerous award-winning films, including all
three films by K. Vildziunas and A. Puipa's
The Fortress of Sleeping Butterflies which
dominated the Lithuanian National Film Awards
this year.
Kristijonas Vildžiūnas
Kristijonas Vildžiūnas
director of Back To Your Arms
Utopia 14/10 19.00
Lithuanian director and scriptwriter born in 1970. 
Prior to becoming a film director, Kristijonas
performed with Siaures Kryptis, a
well-known Lithuanian rock band. In 1996
Vildžiūnas graduated from Lithuanian Academy
of Music, Theatre and Film where he studied film
directing. Since 1995, Vildžiūnas has completed
three short films and three full-length feature
films: The Lease (premiered at Venice 2002),
You Am I (premiered in Un certain regard, Cannes
2006) and Back to Your Arms (2010).
Tomáš Tožička
Tomáš Tožička
protagonist of Solar Eclipse
Utopia 25/10 19.00
Tomáš Tožička (born 1966 in Duchcov) is one 
of the two main protagonists of Mareček´s Solar
Eclipse, the best Czech documentary of 2011.
He is known mainly as an independent publicist,
technician, theologist and development aid expert.
He started cooperating with directors of various
documentary films in connection with the interesting
nature of his work, frequent trips to developing
countries and his position as a coordinator of
publicly visible development projects (e.g. Czech
Republic against Poverty). He has significant
hands-on experience from implementing projects
in challenging conditions.
Rafael Lewandowski
Rafael Lewandowski
director of The Mole
Cinémathèque 23/10 20.30
Ariston 24/10 20.00
Rafael Lewandowski (born in 1969) is a Polish 
director and screenwriter. His mother is French,
his father Polish. In 1996, he received degree in
Directing at La femis in Paris. After several shorts
he began working on documentaries, including
Hearings, which followed the media coverage of
the Papon trial. He also made several films
about performing arts (e.g. Don Giovanni, Behind
the Scenes). The Mole is his feature debut.
Antonia D Carnerud
Antonia D Carnerud
distributor of Kotlovina
CCRN 15/10 20.30
Antonia D Carnerud was born in Zagreb, Croatia. 
She is active as film director, producer, sales agent
and film teacher, working in Sweden, but also in
Belgium, France, Croatia and other countries for
more than 25 years. She is doing consultancy and
expert work for EU's MEDIA Programme and for
European audio-visual companies. Her company
Croatian Films Ltd is primarily focused on promotion
and sales of Croatian AV productions, including
co-producing and development.
Jaroslav Rudiš
Jaroslav Rudiš
scriptwriter of Alois Nebel
Cinémathèque 14/10 20.00
Jaroslav Rudiš (born 1972 in Turnov) is a Czech 
novelist, screenwriter, journalist and musician. He
studied to become a teacher (history and German)
but decided to explore life in various other pro-
fessions instead (punk music band manager, baker,
shop assistant etc.). His first novel, Nebe pod
Berlínem (Heaven under Berlin), was published
in 2002 and was successful both in the Czech
Republic and in Germany. His subsequent novels
also met with success and critical acclaim. He has
also written three theatre plays. His collaboration
with draughtsman Jaromír 99 led to the publication
of three closely connected graphic novels taking
place among railway employees - this trilogy was
adapted into an animated feature film, Alois Nebel,
released last year. He is a passionate lover of trains.
Madara Melberga
Madara Melberga
producer of Kolka Cool
Cinémathèque 12/10 20.30
Madara Melberga graduated with a degree in 
philosophy from the University of Latvia. She
received the Silver Eye film producer award in
2010 in Czech Republic. Her documentary, Family
Instinct was selected by IDA in 2010 and since
then was playing all over the world in festivals.
Kolka Cool is her second feature film. She is also
taking part in films as actress (Monotony, as Linda,
Kolka Cool) and acting in experimental theatre.
Currently works on the development of several
Juris Poškus
Juris Poškus
director of Kolka Cool
Cinémathèque 12/10 20.30
Juris Poškus worked as a radio DJ while studying 
linguistics at the University of Latvia. Graduated
with MFA in film from California Institute of Arts
in 1995. Established company FA Filma in 1998
in Riga. Made some award winning documentaries
(110/220, Angels of Death, But the Hour Is Near)
before turning to fiction (Monotony 2007, Kolka
Cool 2011). Currently lives in Riga.
György Pálfi
György Pálfi
director of Final Cut
Cinémathèque 26/10 20.30
György Pálfi (born 1974 in Budapest) is one of 
Hungary's most talented and internationally
recognised contemporary directors. He drew
international attention with his writer-director
feature debut Hukkle, while his second feature,
Taxidermia, quickly became known for its kinkiness
and violence. His last movie Final Cut - Hölgyeim
és uraim closed the Cannes Classics selection of
this year's festival and is already on its way to
become a cult movie.
Michal Hogenauer
Michal Hogenauer
director of Tambylles
Cinémathèque 20/10 18.00
Michal Hogenauer (born 1984 in Prague) studied 
promotional graphics. After finishing high school,
he started making short feature and experimental
films; some of his amateur films and screenplays
were awarded. His work as a stand-in for Elijah Wood
in Everything is Illuminated inspired him to study
directing at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
(FAMU) where he graduated with a thesis about
Michael Haneke's film language and bachelor film
Children Watching Night Trains which won the Best
Cinematography Competition at Ostrava Kamera
Oko Festival. He spent two semesters at photography
department in Art Academy in Norway. Tambylles,
his second film, was recently recognized by the Cannes
film festival organizers as one of the top entries from
around the world in its category.
Jean-Arnault Dérens
Jean-Arnault Dérens
debate after Honeymoons
Cinémathèque 24/10 20.30
Jean-Arnault Dérens is a journalist, historian and 
co-founder and editor of the Courrier des Balkans.
He lived in Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia and
he divides his life between the Balkans and Brittany.
Regular contributor to numerous French publications
(Le Monde Diplomatique, Le Temps, La Libre
Belgique, etc.) and also author of many books
about the region.
Łukasz Simlat
Łukasz Simlat
actor in Courage
Cinémathèque 13/10 18.00
Łukasz Simlat (born 1977 in Sosnowiec) is a Polish 
theatre and film actor, affiliated with Warsaw
Powszechny Theatre. Graduate of Warsaw Theatre
Academy. Excellent in both tragedy and comedy
Simlat gained recognition after TV series BrzydUla
and above all after starring alongside Robert
Więckiewicz in award-winning Courage (2011).
Silviu Purcărete
Silviu Purcărete
director of Somewhere in Palilula
Cinémathèque 19/10 20.30
Silviu Purcărete is one of the most appreciated 
European theatre and opera directors. He has over
30 years of experience and signed memorable
plays especially in the National Theatre of Craiova
or recently in Sibiu. Member with personal title of
Europe's Theatres Union, he won Golden Globe
Peter Brook Prize for Best Theatre Director in 1995
and Artistic Excellency Award of Hamada Foundation
(Edinburgh International Festival 1991). Silviu Pur-
cărete is well known and very much appreciated by
the public in Luxembourg. He staged and showed
in Luxembourg City and in Esch sur Alzette Ovid´s
„Metamorphoses" in 2007, "Lulu" in 2009, Eugene
Ionesco´s "Exit The King" in 2010 and "Pantagruel´s
Cousin" in 2011. He returns to Luxembourg in 2012
with his first feature film - "Somewhere in Palilula".
Joanna Kulig
Joanna Kulig
actor in Elles
Cinémaacher 18/10 20.00
Utopia 19/10 21.30
Joanna Kulig is a Polish film and stage actress
and singer, born in 1982. She graduated at the State
Drama School in Krakow in 2007. She was awarded at
32nd Gdynia Film Festival and Koszalin Debut Film
Festival for her debut in Wednesday, Thursday
Morning (2007) and she won the Best Supporting
Actress award at 37th Gdynia Film Festival for her
role in Elles (2012).
Mikk Rand
Mikk Rand
producer of That's It!
Melusina 13/10 20.00
Mikk Rand (1970) has a BA from Tallinn Pedagogical 
University's Film Department (directing), an European
Master of Audiovisual Management (production/distri-
bution) and MA from Tallinn University (philosophy).
He is the initiator of NGO Kinobuss, Estonia's first and
only traveling film distributor and film educator. He
works as an animator, distributor and film educator.
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