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Saturday 27 October from 18.30, Tramsschapp cultural centre

(closing event of CinEast 2012) Complete presentation


The best Jamaican reggae and Polish folk music mix ever!

Reflecting the main festival theme "Back to the Roots", the closing party of CinEast 2012 offers a very special combination of Polish folk traditions and classical roots reggae. Come to hear this unprecedented and utterly unique mix of musical cultures with your own ears! See the dances and jumps of Trebunie Tutki in folk costume sharing the stage and songs with true rastas, the Twinkle Brothers, a legendary reggae outfit with over 60 albums to their credit. This is not just world music, but two worlds' music! See videos here.

The evening will also feature the projection of short films before the concert and will culminate with a DJ party by the trio Plemm Plemm Soundsystem with a mix of dub, ska, reggae, etc. Twinkle web Trebunie web

Before the concert the documentary Higher Heights (Nad Wysokoœci, 30 min.) about both groups and the background of their artistic cooperation will be screened. The movie is brought to you courtesy of Telewizja Polska (Polish Television TVP).+tvplogo.jpg

Typical Polish food and drinks will be available at the venue.

18.30: Doors

19.00: Short film programme
20.30: Twinkle Brothers & Trebunie Tutki concert
22:30: DJ Party by Plemm Plemm Soundsystem

Twinkle Brothers & Trebunie Tutki




Saturday 13 October from 20.00, Melusina


This event to celebrate the participation of the three Baltic States in the festival consists of three main courses: a warm-up comedy That's It! (Estonia) with a special guest (20.00), a very special concert of the Lithuanian electronic band Golden Parazyth (22.00), and a dance party with music served by Latvian DJ Heincha & friends. In addition, Baltic surprises await you at the bar! See more info in the presentation.

Golden Parazyth is one of the most successful Lithuanian electronic music acts, known for its powerful and at the same time lyrical live performances and uplifting male vocals singing in English. Their captivating and original sound, a mix of stomping electro rhythms with broken beats and melodic lines, will surely make you move. The band was formed in 2005, has released three albums so far and will perform for the first time in Luxembourg.

web myspace videos

The Baltic Night is supported by the Honorary Consuls of Estonia (Lex Thielen), Latvia (Henri Diederich) and Lithuania (Robert Wagener) in Luxembourg.

Baltic Night




SzaZa plays Polanski


Wednesday 17 October at 20.45, Cinémathèque


The Polish duo "SzaZa" integrates various instruments  - violon, percussions, clarinet, mandoline, mbira etc. - to provide live soundtrack to the almost complete list of short films made by Roman Polanski before he left his country. These shorts without dialogue, sometimes funny, sometimes scary, but always a bit strange, lend themselves particularly well to musical adaptation and the duo manages to fit with their mood wonderfully. They partly draw inspiration from the original compositions of the great Polish jazz pioneer Krzysztof Komeda (to whom CinEast paid homage in 2011), by reinterpreting them in a remarkably innovative way.

Pawe³ Szamburski and Patryk Zakrocki, the musicians in SzaZa duo, are two multi-instrumentalists, improvisers and promoters of culture who have been active on the Warsaw improvised music and independent art scene since 1999. They create music for theatre, film, silent movies and contemporary dance. web

Films on the programme are here.



Balkan Night


Thursday 18 October from 20.00, Melusina

The first ever participation of the three ex-Yugoslavian countries in the festival just has to be celebrated... the Balkan way! And what's on the Melusina menu for the Balkan night? The projection of short films (20.00), a DJ party by the Balkan fusion expert DJ Gaetano Fabri (21.30), Balkan surprises at the bar and a great atmosphere guaranteed! See more info in the presentation.

DJ Gaetano Fabri from Brussels has been popularising gypsy music through the club scenes all around Europe for more than a decade, blending clubbing culture with traditional music. After many years of spinning on the techno house circuit of Belgium and France, Gaetano started his love affair with world music in 2000 and began to fuse musical elements from gypsy culture and Balkan brass bands with the hottest dancefloor trends. Fabri's desire is to bring to life nights entirely dedicated to the culture of the Balkans on the international club circuit and that's exactly what CinEast's Balkan Night is about!

blogspot soundcloud reverbnation videos




Wednesday 24 October from 20.00, d:qliq


This extraordinary party will start with a screening of the cult Czech crazy film Eliška Likes It Wild! (20.00). After the film a real magician will show you - and maybe even teach you - some unbelievable tricks and, while you'll be sipping your favourite Central European drink, the DJ with his fellow VJ will give you some audio-visual pleasures and make you dance.

Magical DJ/VJ Night
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