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Abbaye de Neumünster Luxembourg 


 Ambassade de la republique de Pologne au Luxembourg
Ambassade du grand-duché de Luxembourg a Varsovie 
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 Hungarian Culture Brussels

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Central European Film Festival 2009, featuring

  • more than 25 Hungarian, Polish, Slovak and Czech films, mostly recent
  • a large selection of feature, documentary, animated and short films
  • a thematic bloc: “20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall”
  • discussions with actors and directors
  • concerts and parties
  • 2 exhibitions: “100 Years of Polish Cinema” and “Prague through the Lens of the Secret Police”
  • support for a charity project

Where? Abbaye de Neumünster and Cinémathèque (Luxembourg)
When? from September 30th (pre-opening) till October 11th 2009
How? original versions with English or French subtitles
How much? free entrance to all screenings

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CHARITY PROJECT: We are very happy to announce that we have just received a letter from the executive director of ADRA confirming that your kind contributions covered the reparation of a substantial part of the roof of the children's home in Mukachevo. The collected money was used exclusively for this purpose and the work is now completed. You can check the invoices and some pictures here. ADRA and the festival organisers would like to thank again to all of you for helping us doing a good thing!


Charity project news! The repairing of the roof of the children's home in Mukachevo, delayed by the flu problem in Ukraine, finally started. Here are some photos: 1, 2, 3 and 4. The job should be finished early next year and we will keep you informed!


Polska.lu decided to round up your charity contributions to 3000 EUR and this amount is now on ADRA's account (see here) and will soon be used in Mukachevo.


Our bank has finally recounted your contributions to the charity project and the exact amount of money collected is 2920,29 EUR, see here.


Go to gallery for pictures from the final debate and last moments of the charity pigs. Videos here and there.


The Festival is over. Many thanks to all of you! We hope you enjoyed it (you can still let us know via our Guestbook)!


Last night, our three CHARITY PIGS were broken and the contributions counted publicly. We're delighted to say that you donated 2887,08 EUR (subject to recounting)! Thank you! Stay tuned for more info, pictures and charity project follow-up!


Got addicted to movies due to our Festival? Don't panic, you can get a new dose with Diractors and Villerupt! And make sure not to miss the NON-HEROIC STORIES Polish film festival in the wonderfully cosy Ancien Cinema!


Przypadek/Blind Chance at Cinémathèque from 19.30 - followed by smashing our charity pigs and the debate (see below).


The CLOSING CEREMONY, which will take place on Sunday, 11/10 at Cinémathèque immediately after the screening of the film Przypadek/Blind Chance (starting at 19.30) will be an occasion for a recapitulative debate with historians, political scientists and other guests, from which many were personally involved in the events before, during and after the changes of 1989. We will invite them to express their points of view mainly on 2 major themes: 1) What really happened in 1989 and how was it possible that the communist regimes collapsed with virtually no violence? 2) What is the "outcome" of this “Autumn of the Nations” and of the 20 following years. Was it really a happy ending for all East Europeans? We will also try - and invite the audience to do likewise - to connect some of the questions with situations taken from the movies of the cycle.

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