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22. 3. 2012 17:49  |  Jean-Claude Felten
Hello, do you have already a time schedule for the programme 2012? I suppose the festival is again in october?
31. 10. 2011 11:42  |  Briviba
Once again big thanks again to the festival organisers for your efforts and enthusiasm to create and develop such event in Luxembourg!

Indeed, great and affordable opportunity to discover films that otherwise it would be hardly possible to see.

This year I particularly enjoyed short movies and animation marathon, I hope it will continue in the following years too!

Good luck!

24. 10. 2011 20:12  |  Kay Kraemer  |  kaikamesa[at]hotmail.com
hello,i would like to have more information about the therapeutic center in Bunovo,Bulgaria;
d o they have a mail contact?THANK YOU
IT WAS A GREAT FESTIVAL,also if it pssible i would like
to know,which film is the winner?
24. 10. 2011 12:08  |  Tony
I went to see several films in this year's festival and found them interesting. As someone who has learned Slovenian, I would like to see some Slovenian films in next year's selection.
13. 10. 2011 11:36  |  Blue
What a chaos yesterday at Utopia for "The Ghost Writer"?! Are you silly to foresee for a Polanski film from 2010 such a small movie hall? Why do you sell the Festival Pass if you are not able to make a realistic estimation of the volume of audience? There were at least forty persons that were left out. And what was the reason for making people queuing for a "free ticket" once they already had the Festival Pass that says it "gives access to all screening of the festival"?
15. 10. 2011 19:17 | admin > admin
festival@cineast.lu | IP: 83.217.134.x  |  [ reagovat ]
Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry about the situation that you experienced in Utopia. However, on our website, in the brochure and on each pass you can read that the pass does not guarantee seating. The need to get a "free ticket" is a rule applied by Utopia to have an overview about the number of people attending the projection. The good news is that you have another chance to see The Ghostwriter in Ariston on Thursday 20 October.
11. 10. 2011 10:11  |  Laura
What is the price for a Gastronomic evening on Wednesday? It would be nice to know it in advanced ;-)
11. 10. 2011 16:25 | admin > admin
festival@cineast.lu | IP: 212.8.164.x  |  [ reagovat ]
The buffet-style dinner costs 25 eur per person (drinks not included). It might be a good idea to call Brasserie to book a table since there are quite a few people interested. You can now find this info on cinÉgastronomy page as well as News.
4. 10. 2011 23:03  |  Katarzyna  |  wwhy.me[at]gmail.com
Do you still have some spare tickets for
11.10.2011 20:00
Tomasz Stanko Quintet
I can pay double the price for them ! Need 2 tickets !
many thanks in advance for info.
Kind regards
4. 10. 2011 22:57  |  Katarzyna  |  wwhy.me[at]gmail.com
Question is: who is choosing movies and bands ?
I am especially interested in Polish bands that play in Luxembourg in regards to Cine East festival.
Can you show as well something alse ?! Like maybe Hip Hop group, some techno/house music or some Jazz/Blues ?!
And movies the selection I mean... why most of them are dark and sad! they are great ! but I want some Comedy as well something light and funny ?!
Best regards
6. 10. 2011 15:43 | admin > admin
festival@cineast.lu | IP: 212.8.164.x  |  [ reagovat ]
Dear Katarzyna,
The movies and the bands are selected by the organisers, the CinEast team. Even though film festivals are normally not the place for the really light and funny fil ms, we do have a few in the programme, though maybe not Polish. It is natural that you are mainly interested in production from your country, but why not discover something else? How about Taking Off tonight? As far as music is concerned, we will be happy to consider your suggestions for next year.
Enjoy the festival
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