Festival du Film d`Europe Centrale - Luxembourg

CinEast celebrates its fourth birthday this year - it has become a big baby which continues to grow, explore new things and seek new adventures. Films from six countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria as "guest country") are represented this year and screenings will take place in nine different venues.

The public will have the opportunity to watch more than 40 feature films, nine of which are competing for the Grand Prix. The composition of the jury consisting of six members and chaired by Agnieszka Holland, the acclaimed Polish director, makes the competition especially interesting this year. You will also have your say in the voting - the Audience Award will go to one of the recent films that you liked the best.

It has become a tradition for CinEast to concentrate on a certain theme every year. We opted for "On the Margin of Society" this year and would like to present to you an interesting selection of films with this focus, as well as an extensive photography exhibition depicting various aspects of living outside „mainstream society".

CinEast has many surprises, special events and screenings for you this year: among others a "Young & Furious" night, a "Scary Night", an "Erotic Night", a cine-concert, short film marathons, mini-retrospectives and screenings for young (and very young) spectators.

With the support of our partners, we have been able to invite some renowned filmmakers from our countries, including Helena Třeštíková, Lech Majewski, Florian Serban, Agnieszka Holland, as well as many other guests.

We strive to make the festival not only a film event but also a place to meet, discuss and have fun, so we would like to invite you to a wide range of events: debates, exhibitions, concerts, a DJ party, gastronomic evenings and after-film drinks. CinEast will therefore not only be a celebration of the seventh art, but also a rare opportunity for the public in Luxembourg to discover (or re-discover) the cultures of our countries. Hopefully you will find something interesting in this programme and we wish you a lot of exciting and emotional moments in the cinemas and many wonderful encounters.

We owe many thanks to all the individuals and organisations that have made this year´s edition of the festival possible and we especially thank you, the filmgoers, for staying with us. Seeing more and more of you every year gives us great motivation to go forward!

The CinEast team

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