Saturday 8 October 2011 (20.00) at Brasserie Le Neumünster
Concert organised in cooperation with the Bulgarian cultural club "Gaïda"

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Concert of a Bulgarian alternative rock band formed in 2001. A mixture of electronic and acoustic instruments dominated by the vocals of Andronia Popova. The band belongs to the highlights of Bulgarian festivals of alternative and innovative music and likes to perform not only in concert halls and clubs but also in venues that are not necessarily designed for music production (cafés, galleries etc.). While working on their first album, Adam's Bushes, Eva's Deep, Nasekomix cooperated with the director Kamen Kalev on the soundtrack to his film Eastern Plays (they also perform in the film). The film is the most successful Bulgarian movie of recent years and will be shown as part of the CinEast festival one day before the concert, on 7 October at Salle Krieps (CCRN).



Tomasz StańkoTomasz Stańko Quintet
Tuesday 11 October 2011 (20.00) at Philharmonie de Luxembourg

Concert organised in cooperation with Philharmonie de Luxembourg

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This exceptional concert in Luxembourg is a tribute to Krzysztof Komeda, the great Polish jazz musician and author of music for many of Roman Polanski's early films. Tomasz Stanko is recognised by many critics as one of the most talented jazz trumpeters in the world. In the 1960s he joined the Krzysztof Komeda's Quintet and after the tragic death of Komeda in 1969, he recorded a tribute, Music for K, which was unanimously acclaimed. In the 70s and 80s he became part of the avant-garde, and moved his focus towards free jazz. He collaborated with many big jazz names such as Jan Garbarek, Gary Peacock, Edward Vesala and Cecil Taylor. In the last ten years he has recorded several albums under the prestigious ECM label. Among the best-known are Soul of Things, Suspended Night and the latest, Dark Eyes (released in 2009). His work was awarded the first ever "European Jazz Prize" in 2002.



Friday 14 October (20.00 door, 21.30 concert) at den Atelier

Concert organised in cooperation with Ville de Luxembourg and Luxembourg City Tourist Office

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Kult is probably the most famous of all the currently active Polish rock bands and one of the very few legends in Polish rock history. Founded in 1982 in Warsaw by singer and composer Kazik Staszewski, thirty years later the group is still coming up with fresh material and regularly records new albums. Kult's music is not easy to categorise: coming from the punk rock and new wave movement, the group has experimented a lot over the years, drawing inspiration from styles as diverse as psychedelic rock, jazz, reggae, ska and urban folk. Their eponymous first album recorded in 1986 was partially censored by the regime. During the 1990s, their focus on the opposition to the communist regime is shifted towards a scathing critique of emerging capitalism and the group became the icon of a generation. In the new millenium, the group has so far released four albums, including the recent MTV Unplugged, and continues to attract huge crowds of fans in Poland, Europe and the United States.

Before the concert, the film Dzieci Jarocina by Petro Aleksowski will be screened (at 20.30). It is a documentary about the biggest and most famous rock festival in the Eastern bloc - Jarocin [Kazik Staszewski, the leader of Kult, plays a role in the film].



Icon OrchestraIcon Orchestra
live soundtrack to the silent film Erotikon

Monday 17 October 2011 (20.30) à la Cinémathèque

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Icon Orchestra is an international Prague-based quartet created in April 2008. The performance relies mostly on improvisation with original short compositions. The quartet uses both traditional and original instruments - violin, accordion, clarinet, flutes, piano, wind midi controller, original sound stump, musical machines, etc. The musical sound and tuning is in a contemporary style. The emotions of the movie are stressed by alternative sounds, lyrical and ecstatic instrumental solos, as well as jazz or even dance music elements. Icon Orchestra have been involved in a wide range of musical projects - as well as live soundtracks to films, they have composed music for theatre performances, site-specific projects and other works.



Bachtale ApsaClosing event - Bachtale Apsa & DJ party
Saturday 22 October 2011 at Exit07 (doors: 20.00, concert: 21.00, DJ party ~23.00)

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Bachtale Apsa (meaning "happy tears") ranks nowadays among the best Roma bands in the Czech Republic. Mário Bihári, its frontman and founder, is a blind accordion player, singer and composer. In composing its repertoire, the band draws on the folk music of Czech and Slovak Roma people as well as the Balkan and Romanian music tradition. Excellent vocals and brilliant performances of musicians in rousing rhythms are assets which turn this band into Roma music classics in the best sense of the word. Last year Bachtale Apsa gave around 50 concerts not only in the CR but also in Paris, Munich and Greece and were selected as the only Czech representatives to perform at the prestigious Roma culture festival Khamoro in 2011.

The concert will be followed by East/West DJ Battle
DJs from the East and the West will take over and compete with a powerful and varied arsenal. Naturally, the rhythms of Eastern Europe and the Balkans will be present, but also folk, rock and later some more disco / electro sounds to finish in style.

¤ RESERVATIONS FOR CLOSING EVENT OPENED You can now (and till Sat. 5pm) reserve your tickets by writing to cineast.reservations@gmail.com (please indicate name/s). People reserving will have priority until 20.30 and will pay 13 instead of 15 euro (for concert+party, limited number).



cinÉgastronomy concerts

Concerts accompanying the two gastronomy evenings at Brasserie de N. to create an even cosier atmosphere for tasting the delicious dishes from Central and Eastern Europe.

The Folkinators Sound Massage

The Folkinators
Tuesday 18 October 2011 (19.00) at Brasserie Le Neumünster


The Folkinators are a Dutch-Hungarian duo playing traditional American folk tunes as well as folk-based arrangements of songs from other genres. They are trigger-happy on a wide range of instruments but mostly play banjo, guitar, and acoustic bass. After a couple of successful performances in Luxembourg, they-this time with a British mandolin player as guest artist-are now turning their sights towards the green grass across the border.

Sound Massage
Wednesday 12 October 2011 (19.00) at Brasserie Le Neumünster


Sasa (vocalist) and Gergo (guitarist) arrived in Luxembourg in 2003. They met during the first week of their stay in a karaoke bar and decided to form a band together. After several attempts with previous members, they met Luis, the drummer, who had just arrived from Colombia. Finally, the core of the band asked Norbert to join on the bass guitar. In its definitive format, Sound Massage performed several successful concerts in Luxembourg in 2011. Their repertoire consists of soul, pop and blues hits rearranged in jazzy style. The group is glad to finally perform in the prestigious Abbaye de Neumünster during the CinEast Festival.


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