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Based on a very positive feedback from your side, we decided to continue with this tradition and this year's edition of the festival will again support a charity project. We would be happy if you could spare a few coins for those in need. As the entrance to the festival screenings is only very symbolic, we encourage the festival-goers to make a voluntary donation to the piggy banks at the entrance to the places of screening and support the project described below. This will help us give the festival a broader meaning.roof mukachevo

First of all, we would like to express big gratitude to all spectators who contributed to the charity project last year. Through your contributions we collected 2920,90 EUR for the intended goal - a repair of the roof of a residential children's home in Mukachevo (Ukraine). This sum was rounded up to 3000 EUR by Polska.lu and sent to the account of ADRA, an international humanitarian organisation, and subsequently directly to the intended beneficiary. Your involvement made the repair possible and significantly improved the living conditions of these children in need. Thank you! Click here for more details.


This year, we decided to focus on children again and with your help, we would like to contribute to the construction of a playground in a place that has not seen much luck this year. As some of you may know, many regions of the countries participating in the festival were swept by two major floods during the summer - in May and in June again. The fact that these floods came so shortly one after another had a devastating impact. Many people and businesses lost everything in May and just after they were beginning to recover and see brighter future, another flood came and left many of them in total despair.

One of the places affected in this sense was also Orliska, a village in the commune of Gorzyska, near Sandomierz, in a rural part of Eastern Poland. As we cannot help particular individuals, we have established contact with the community as such and learnt about an opportunity to contribute to the construction of a playground for a local kindergarten. In fact, before the floods hit this village in May for the first time, most equipment for the playground was already bought with the help of contributions from the parents since the local authorities could not provide the funding. The frustration is therefore even bigger since before the playground equipment could be installed, everything disappeared under the water. Needless to say, the parents who originally contributed to its purchase now have to concentrate on rebuilding their own homes and, similarly, the city authorities deal primarily with destroyed infrastructure. That is partly also why the attempt of the kindergarten manager and teachers to raise some funds did not bring much fruit.

This playground would be the first playground in the village and would serve the entire community. We believe that with your kind help, we could collect enough money so that the children could welcome the spring 2011 playing outside, in their new playground.

przedszkole.jpgOrliska plac.jpg


Orliska kindergarten:
Ms. Ewelina Trojnacka-Rolek (director)

Phone: +4815 6445510 (Polish only)

Mr. Szymon Bielecki (project coordinator)
E-mail: szymbi@polska.lu (Polish, German, English, French)

What will happen to your contributions?

After the screening of the last film of the festival in Cinémathèque (21/11), the piggy banks will be publicly destroyed

and the contributions counted by volunteers. 100 % of the contributions collected will then be used directly to purchase the playground equipment (to be installed in the early spring, as soon as possible).

How can you be sure the money is used for the purpose mentioned?

In terms of the scope, we strictly aimed at selecting such a charity project where your involvement can be well seen, documented and stand out, just like last year, as opposed to simply transferring money to some NGO generic bank account.

This year, there is no intermediary between CinEast and the beneficiary (no humanitarian organisation etc.) so the collected money will be used directly for the purchase of the playground equipment. Invoice(s) corresponding to the entire amount collected as well as photos and other documentation will be gradually available on the festival website following the progress of this project.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

piggies          t_cover_318.jpg

The final amount of the money collected during CinEast 2010 is 2271,24 EUR and this contribution has already gone to Orliska kindergarten (see the bank transfer order). How did we come to this sum? The festival-goers contributed 1002,62 EUR to the piggy banks (including the additional screening of Morgen), the same amount 1002,62 EUR was, as promised, added on by polska.lu, 200 EUR came from the auction of a Polski Fiat tour of Luxembourg with Muniek of T.Love (offered by the owner of this famous car - Borys - see photo above) and 66 EUR was donated by the Polski Fiat Autoklub from the auction of a Polski Fiat tour . Thanks to all for your support!

Take a look at some photos of the playground that was built thanks to your contributions during spring 2011:




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